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Friday, November 8, 2013

STR 51: How Much Is That In Rupees?

STR 51: How Much Is That In Rupees?

Kynrek joins us to talk about his recent retro gaming acquisitions which include an awesome ColecoVision and games. He tells us about an awesome Zelda Symphony that he attended, consoles he needs to repair and much much more.

 William tells us about his recent trip to California to meet up with Socal Mike and Nurmix and I introduce a new segment to STR called: This game is F*cked UP! In this episode I spotlight the game Monster Party for the NES. Septic Lemon joins us at the end to talk about the awesome party he helped run for the Cambridge Computer History Museum where he partied with the great British IBM.

So grab a nice beverage and sit back and enjoy another exciting episode of Stalking The Retro!

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