Stalking the Retro

Thursday, August 15, 2013

STR 46: Round Eye Roundup.

STR 46: Round Eye Roundup

In the first half Focus, Vipp and Septic Lemon talk about their gaming pickups, games they have been playing and the Petit computer which is a cool program for the DSI or 3DS. Petit lets you program and make your own games in the Basic computer language. In the second half I do a live daily roundup of all the awesome retro items that I picked up in the great city of Osaka Japan. If you have ever dreamed about going to Japan and filling up a suitcase full of retro then this is the episode for you! So grab a strange Japanese beverage and sit back and enjoy another exciting episode of Stalking The Otaku...uhm I mean Stalking The Retro!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

STR 45: Strap On Your Peg Leg!

STR 45: Strap On Your Peg Leg!
The great Diagamblic joins us in this long and action packed episode of Stalking The Retro. We talk about the loss of his enormous video game collection and get to know a little more about yet another awesome forum member. Ian revisits the Ouya Oh Yeah games console and talks about his favorite and least favorite games for the system. Then we round out some interesting Kick Starter projects and well you know talk dirty about video games for about two hours.

So strap on your peg legs ladies and gents and get ready for another exciting episode of Stalking The Retro!