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Sunday, October 20, 2013

STR 50: Long Live M.U.L.E.

STR 50: Long Live M.U.L.E.
To celebrate our 50th episode we talk with Melanie Bunten about her father, the great Dan Bunten, creator of M.U.L.E and many other incredible Ozark SoftScape titles. If that's not awesome enough we also speak with Matt Brudzynski of Comma 8 Studios about the upcoming Mule Returns game for IOS and mobile devices. So if you love M.U.L.E. as much as we do at STR then this is the episode for you!

Thanks again to Matt and Melanie for coming on the show and talking with us it was a lot of fun!

Thanks to Diagamblic for his awesome chiptune version of the M.U.L.E. theme song which you can also hear in this episode.

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