Stalking the Retro

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

STR 20: Retro Shaun and the Hairy Ball Theory.

STR 20: Retro Shaun and the Hairy Ball Theory.

Stalking The Retro get's its first interview! Retro Shaun and I discuss his career as a digital artist in the video game and film industry. We talk about Destruction Derby, Driver, Bioshock and some interesting unreleased games he worked on. We answer the age old question of whether or not he is truly retro, his massive obsession with collecting games, his first memories of playing arcade games, life as a Geordie and much much more!

Note: This episode was recorded before Digital Domain screwed him over by closing their Port St. Lucie Studio. I hope that Shaun can find a new job soon and won't have to move again.

How does a Geordie Lass turn on the light after sex? Listen to this episode of Stalking The Retro to find out!

Friday, September 7, 2012



The Macho Man Randy Savage, Septic Lemon and I discuss the OUYA open console in this action packed episode of Stalking The Retro. Some people pronounce it the: "OO Ya" But I think that "OH YEAH" is the way it's supposed to be said. I've heard it both ways is what I'm trying to say. We also get into Ian's new toy the Nexus 7, his trip to the colonies, some retro things I picked up and of course some retro inspired new games that you can buy. Check it out now by subscribing to the feed or clicking on the link thing down there. Remember if you don't listen to this the ghost of the Macho Man will forever haunt you! OH YEAH!!!!! Snap into an OUYA! (Warning: Doing this will most definitely void your warranty.)