Stalking the Retro

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

STR 42: Leonard Leeroy.

STR 42: Leonard Leeroy.

In the first half William and I talk about his recent gaming pickups in New Jersey, his frightening Vectrex experience, electronic handheld games, what we've been playing and much much more. In the second half the great Septic Lemon joins me and we discuss games on the Master System, Commodore 64 and Odyssey 2. We round it out with a nice review of the E3 gaming convention and discuss the future of gaming and DRM. So grab a nice adult beverage of choice and listen to another action packed episode of Hee Haw...uhm I mean Stalking The Retro.

Friday, June 7, 2013

STR 41: A Pre-felt Coot.

STR 41 A Pre-felt Coot.

We talk about the new CGE Adventures game for the Atari VCS. Focus talks about his recent home arcade visits and recent pickups. We discuss some retro news and have a good time running down some awesome and not so awesome new projects on Kick Starter. So sit back relax grab yourself an adult beverage of choice and listen to another hilarious episode of Cooking with Focus...uhm I mean Stalking The Retro.