Stalking the Retro

Monday, May 13, 2013

STR 38: Hoarding The Retro.

STR 38: Hoarding The Retro.

Septic Lemon and I talk about the upcoming Retro Revival that begins next weekend in sunny ole England. Ian talks about his recent gaming pickups and we discuss the wonderful and awesome Game Boy family. This episode is filled with retro news including a hilarious run down of some of the most recent retro related Kick Starters. If you are so inclined go to Kickstarter and look up Rex Rocket and of course make sure you check out some 8 bit socks whilst you are there. Oh and apologies to Nigel he's not a sex boy after all but in fact the composer of the OST for Rex Rocket. Sorry about that Sascrotch! Hope you enjoy the show!

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