Stalking the Retro

Monday, April 22, 2013

STR 37: Give Us The Retro!

STR 37: Give Us The Retro!

The great FocusRS joins me in the first half and we discuss his retro pickups and latest trips to some incredible arcades around America. We discuss some awesome home brew for the Atari 2600 including the all new RetroGaming Roundup presents: CGE Adventures. We also run down some new projects on Kick Starter.

In the second half Sexual Lemon drops in and we discuss his search for an Intellivison! We also round up some retro news and discuss Ian's obsession with Zork.

Special shout out to Nurmix for making the remixed STR theme song which you can hear in it's entirety at the end of the show. Nurmix makes incredible music and he's Really Cool as well!


  1. Thanks for the shout out (drich255 here). Now I feel like the stalker.

    We actually had that Run Yourself Ragged marble game growing up. I was probably about 6 or so when we got it. The magnet part was a bit weak to hold the steel marble and our game took quite a beating over the years, but still lots of fun. Not sure, but my parents may still have it.

    Pullman, WA

  2. Very cool drich255! We will give you another shout out soon. :) Thanks for listening.