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Sunday, March 10, 2013

STR 34: Horse It's What's For Dinner.

 STR 34: Horse It's What's For Dinner.
This episode is dedicated to the incredible yet underrated Sega Saturn. The Saturn can be a very expensive system to collect for but it is also a console with an extensive library of awesome games.  We discuss some hidden gems as well as some interesting and naughty imports.  Ian and I discuss our progress in System Shock 2 as well as our feelings about the upcoming PlayStation 4.

 Vipp joins us for a bit and for the very first time his wonderful fiance Kerry talks about some retro handhelds and games she has recently acquired.

 For those that listen to the whole episode there is a hilarious bonus clip where the great  FocusRS describes why food is less essential than a $999 Star Wars Webcam.

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  1. I agree with Kerry. Pink game boys can be cheaper due to color. I also think the used ones are a safer bet since girls tend not to play them as much. They are probably better cared for and have less wear and tear.