Stalking the Retro

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

STR 32: I Haven't Licked The Cat.

STR 32: I Haven't Licked The Cat.

It's time again for another hilarious episode of Stalking The Retro. We discuss Sim City past and present, some cool games to play on the Dreamcast, all of the retro games we have been playing lately, Focus and his Arcade USA series, the future of gaming and the first year of Stalking The Retro. Vipp joins us in this very special episode and steals the show with his dry wit and bizarre sense of humor.  It's been a very interesting year and here's hoping that next year will be even better.  So if you have a couple of hours to spare give us a listen and please don't forget to rate us on Itunes and subscribe to the cast if you find it to your liking. If you are really kinky you can even stream us on Stitcher radio. Bring out the gimp!

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