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Monday, December 3, 2012

STR 28: Star Control And The Nightmare Hole

STR 28: Star Control And The Nightmare Hole

Septic Lemon, Focursrs and I discuss the awesome game series Star Control. We talk about games for the C64 that Septic has been playing, the all new Canadian Wii Mini, progress on the Atari Pi project, Tempest controller mods, Tempest trivia and much much more in this action packed and hilarious episode of Stalking The Retro. Warning if you decide to drink at 9 in the morning you might find yourself falling down the Tempest hole like our dear friend Focusrs. The Tempest hole contains some very frightening monsters so make sure you bring your rotary controller and take plenty of lithium to calm yourself. 

Check out the Stalking The Retro thread on the Game Gavel Forums for some of the links we discussed in this episode.

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