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Friday, November 2, 2012

STR 25: Magicians A language Learning RPG

STR 25: Magicians A language Learning RPG

Do you enjoy table top RPGs? Do you want to play an adventure similar to games like Dungeons and Dragons but at the same time learn a language? Well Kyle Simons has created an awesome game that could be up your alley. It's like an old school pad and pencil RPG but with a new twist. You are required to learn Korean in order to cast spells in the game. It's a community that I think will be exploding very soon. With the viral Kangnam Style video making it's rounds Korean has become the latest need to know language. Whether you are into old school RPGs or just want to hear a case study on how to win at Kickstarter, this is the episode for you. Check it out now and get in on this awesome kickstarter. You won't be disappointed.

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