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Sunday, June 17, 2012

STR Episode 14: The Amish are Coming for Your Games!

STR: Episode 14: The Amish are Coming for Your Games!

Are you craving for some more talk about retro gaming? In the latest episode of STR: Leathco, Scott aka Alex Jones and I talk about a myriad of gaming related topics. We discuss cool games that we are currently playing the upcoming Winter-Con 2012 and much much more. There is a conspiracy going on folks. One that will shake the very ground upon which you stand. Find out all about it in the latest episode of Stalking the Retro.

Also a special shout out to The British IBM for giving permission to use one of their great new songs. The British IBM is an awesome new Indie band that is about to release their first album. I have listened to some of their demos and I have to say their music fucking rocks!
Check them out at:
You can pre order their debut album now. It is scheduled to be released in July. 

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